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Visiting rules

Enter at your own risk

Please, be carefull! To create the right game atmosphere, you might encouter gloom, low ceiling, uneven floor...


You are being monitored at all times so we could guarantee your safety and at the same time provide you with appropriate help whenever needed.

No drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes, no pets, no weapons or dangerous devices please

Personal items

At the reception desk, you can find individual lockers.

No food or drink allowed in the exit room

At the reception desk, we offer you some bottled soft drinks. If you feel like having an ice cream after the game, there is a new ice cream parlor Zmrzlinárna in the same building. If you want to review the details of your escape over a meal there is a pub U Bláhů. Succesful players are entitled to receive a discount in this pub.

No photos or video allowed

Please keep the rooms' secret for other visitors.

Game interruption

You are always allowed to interrupt the game by pushing the red "emergency" button. But once you exit the game, you are not allowed to return and continue playing.