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About us

You come to escape. But you may not be able to. Even though you have got - as usual - 60 minutes, it may not be enough. You might get lost in the enchantment.

We do not collect old artefacts or padlocks of any shape or size.We exhibit unique pieces of art. We are an art gallery that combines designs from the designer and artist Petr Lukáš Racek and electronic effects and automation.

In every room you have a mission to fulfill while surrounded by paper statues and other unique artifacts which take you to the fantasy world of your childhood. But to complete the mission, you need to take control of 21. century technologies, too.

Will you manage to concentrate on you goal or will you let the art arround distract your attention? Because even the restrooms are works of art…

We love the world of escape rooms. But since the beginning we have set ourselves ambitious goals which you can see for yourself. In our escape rooms you have to keep your eyes open and your mind while forming links between discovered clues.

The Grand opening of our first escape room was in September 2017.